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[Photos] Saigoneers Swamp Bui Vien Last Night to Celebrate Halloween

Ever since District 1's Bui Vien Street was turned into a pedestrian-only zone, the main thoroughfare through Saigon’s backpacker quarter has become a mecca for city dwellers to celebrate any festive occasion.

Merely five years ago, Halloween was still a relatively obscure holiday among native Saigoneers; however in recent years, thanks to an influx of American cultural products, locals are now embracing the whimsical holiday wholeheartedly, judging by the amount of people who turned up last night on Bui Vien.

Video via Facebook page Tuoi Tre.

By the look of last night’s costumes, Saigon’s theme for this year’s Halloween was blood, pallid makeup and ghoulish demeanors galore.

Have a look at the sea of people who showed up on Bui Vien last night:

[Photos via Tuoi Tre]

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