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[Slideshow] The Giant Rubber Duck has Arrived in HCMC

Yesterday, we waddled down to District 7’s Crescent Lake to check out the newly installed giant duck and found quite a scene.

Being a Sunday morning, the area was full of families who were treated to a curb-side festival, including a magic show, caricature drawing and a clown. With well over 1,000 people, the atmosphere was full of excitement and energy.

The area was also swarming with news crews who were equally interested in the spectacle, asking passersby about their reaction to the massive, yellow sculpture.

The duck, created by Dutch artist, Florentijn Hofman has traversed the globe, from Belgium to Japan as part of the "Spreading joy around the world" tour which kicked-off in 2007.

Weighing in at 600kg, it was constructed with over 200 pieces of PVC and will call District 7's Crescent Lake home until the end of May.

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