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[Photos] Local Designer Puts International Pop Divas on Retro Saigon Album Covers

Vietnam’s crop of sterling photo manipulators strike again with a retro makeover of today's chart-topping female artists.

In March, Vietnam’s cybersphere was on fire after a local meme artist came up with a set of photos fusing international pop divas with street food vendors. From Lady Gaga to Beyoncé, these world-renowned chanteuses didn’t look out of place on Saigon streets selling bánh tráng nướng and bánh mì.

Recently, the same roster of pop stars have received another makeover from Vietnam’s photo editors into vintage Saigon album covers. These creations are complete with decade-appropriate hairdos, vintage font and sentimental Vietnamese translations of their record and stage name. Lorde’s ‘Melodrama’ becomes “Vở Kịch Đời” while Lady Gaga takes the local persona of “Ngọc Dậu.”

Have a glimpse into what Vietnam’s music scene would have been if these divas had released their music in old Saigon:

[Photos via Facebook user Hội những người thích nghe nhạc DIVA]

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