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Exclusive Interview: Electronic DJ, Daedelus

Electronic DJ, Daedelus, will be headlining this month's The Beats Saigon party as the collective celebrates its 7th anniversary. We caught up with Daelelus and talked about his new album, creative process and past visits to Saigon.


Can you tell us about the creative process behind your new album “Drown out” and how it is different from your previous work?

I believe my previous works have come from a place of great joy; even with dark material, the sounds are made with wonder in the act of creation. "Drown Out" however was composed from great sadness, and in awe of entropy, the force that causes all things to fall apart.

I don't believe they ended up sounding so very different, it's like all rivers flow into an ocean and, whether made on a happy or sad occasion, I can't escape my sound.

You have said in previous interviews that you are at your best when playing live. Can you explain why?

The freedom performance gives, literally the wings it gives me is an incredible experience. Producing in studios is a solitary act, no witnesses to the work, no one dancing but myself. So it is an unruly, exuberant thing, and when it works, when the audience and I are all together, we can all go up.

Who wouldn't always want that?

What do you enjoy in the production process while recording in the studio?

OK, so - that very same aloneness that I just mentioned can be so isolating. Staring into the keys, into the screens, at the blank page, and figuring out how it all works, it feels like the invention of my namesake (who is my aspiration).

Many musicians and DJs here in Saigon often complain about the fact that the job does not any longer involve making music but also have to producing, advertising, marketing and so on. Do you think that the job of a musician per se has changed in recent years? If so, do you relate to that? 

Your friends have it right, no longer can we rest and let the music be our story. It's not so much that the music industry has changed, this work has always been about new technology, new ways of hearing. It's just there is now far too much noise, too many speakers, so many voices.

A musician is challenged to find themselves amongst this backdrop, and even harder to have the responsibility for their tale to be told properly.

This is not your first time coming to Saigon to play. Can you tell us about your past experiences here? How has the local audience reacted to your music?

It was incredible! What anniversary was it? What anniversary is it now? I remember smiling faces (and not just ex-pats and tourists), and lots of dancing!

In hindsight, it's all a mix of sound, chaos, coffee, and food, my memory is of everything, not just the gig. I can't wait to add another!

What are, in your opinion, the best tracks of 2013?

Oh, this question always gets me in trouble!

2013 was an incredible year for electronic music -Trap, Juke, House, Electro, Beats, Techno - every genre was vibrant, all had breakout stars. Maybe I can just play you the highlights at the show.

But mixed up, very mixed up.


Daedelus on Twitter - @daedelus_music

The Beats Saigon on Twitter - @TheBeatsSaigon

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