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Vietnam Post Releases Special Set of Stamps That Smell of Coffee

Have you ever sent a letter and thought "I wish there was some coffee in this envelope?"

If so, you're in luck, as VietnamPlus reports that Ministry of Information and Communications has worked with Vietnam Post to issue a special collection of postage stamps called "Cây cà phê," or "the coffee plant."

You're in even greater luck if you've dreamed of stamps that smell, as this collection isn't just a visual treat. Scented printing technology is used to produce them, meaning each one gives off the distinct aroma of Vietnamese coffee.

The overall collection features four 43x32 mm stamps designed by Tô Minh Trang. Each one depicts a different step in the process of creating a cup of coffee, starting with the seeds of a coffee tree. The stamps cost VND4,000 each and will be on sale until December 31, 2023. Anyone interested in purchasing a set of the aromatic stamps can do so through the Vietnam Stamps Company's website

If, in the future, you spot someone vigorously sniffing stamps, be confident that they are probably just a philatelist trying to get their morning caffeine fix. 

[Image via VietnamPlus]

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