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New Book Shows Saigon’s Strong Contrasts Through Photos

Saigon is a city of contrasts so it’s fitting that a Vietnamese writer, Linh Cu and graphic designer, Mai Nguyen got together to create a photo book, Contrasts of Saigon.

From the authors:

"We make this book with the purpose of showing people what Saigon has become today: a city of contrasts. Saigon is a place where East meets West, fantasy meets reality, yin meets yang. This city is a blend of high and low, tradition and innovation, past and present.

Our book will guide you through the different shades of Saigon’s contrasts and show you how the people of Saigon feel about them. Some may treasure them while others may try to deny them; we may love them or hate them. But in the end, we must live with them. Saigon keeps rolling with the changes, making every day different and exciting."

The book is not yet available for sale but can be viewed online.

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