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Saigon Stops Issuing Permits to New High-Rise Projects in Downtown

From now until 2020, the city will not issue any permits for new high-rise projects in District 1 and 3.

The city will allow new skyscrapers only in suburban districts like 2, 7, 9, 12, Thu Duc and Binh Tan while focusing on renovating and completing already existent high-rise projects in District 1 and 3, as reported by Dan Tri. Authorities will prioritize development proposals for areas with strong infrastructure like the ongoing metro project.

The plans, which have been discussed for a year, are aimed at reducing overcrowding in city center. Critics have claimed that development has outpaced road construction and maintenance and introduced too many people into an area that cannot handle them, which results in traffic jams.

Authorities have been urged to build both luxury and affordable housing in Saigon’s suburbs. For the latter, the city will sell bonds to raise funds. Between 2016 and 2020, the city hopes to build 10,000 houses to be set aside for low-income residents, 10,000 for resettlement projects, 35,000 for workers and 6,750 used as dormitories for students in districts such as Cu Chi, Hoc Mon, Binh Chanh, Nha Be and Can Gio.

The city also hopes to increase the average floor area per capita to 19.8 square meters by 2020. Such a goal aligns with a recent ban on construction of apartments less than 25 square meters. Authorities explained that extremely small housing units result in elevated slums and contribute to overcrowding.

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