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[Video] Car Careens Through D3 Intersection, Hits 3, Bursts Into Flames

Though we occasionally find humor in Saigon's colorful and chaotic traffic, sometimes there's nothing funny about it. Take, for instance, that time a truck sped into an intersection full of idling vehicles not two months ago (the driver later lost his license and received a fine of VND5 million  as a result of the accident).

Last Thursday, yet another incident highlighted the dangerous nature of driving in the southern hub, as a car plowed through the beginnings of rush hour traffic, injuring three before crashing into a local shop and bursting into flames, reports Zing.

The intial video, posted to Facebook by YAN News, provides horrifying footage of the entire incident, which took place around 4:15pm at Dan Chu Roundabout in District 3. Vo Phu Sy, the 42-year-old driver of the black Land Rover SUV, allegedly struck his first victim by accident and, in a panic, hit the gas instead of the brake, later taking out two other drivers before charging into the storefront of a motorbike dealership.

The three victims were immediately rushed to hospital, while one motorbike was also totaled due to the fire. Employees of the motorbike dealership were quick to flee the shop, as the car made it a considerable distance indoors, damaging the vehicles inside.

District 3 authorities are currently investigating the incident but have already spoken with Sy and confirmed that the driver was sober and of sound mind during the incident.

[Video via YouTube | Photo via Zing]

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