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Nguyen Hue Traded a Colonial Shophouse for a McDonald's

As Saigon's one and only motorbike-free, picnic-free, pet-free walking street protected by rollerblading police, Nguyen Hue is already a popular gathering spot. But starting today, the good people of Saigon now have another reason to visit the bustling downtown thoroughfare: Mickey D's.

According to Bao Moi, Saigon welcomed yet another set of the golden arches to Nguyen Hue this morning, opening just in time for local residents to enjoy a truly American Christmas dinner.

The franchise's sixth restaurant has taken up residence in what was once a colonial shophouse on the walking street, whose 20th-century architecture is fast giving way to more modern developments. While other Nguyen Hue shophouses have met an untimely end by way of demolition, we can at least take comfort in the fact that this one was not destroyed but instead converted into a Big Mac dispensary.

The celebration continues tomorrow, as a McDonald’s representative has also announced the opening of Saigon's seventh restaurant, which will take place in District 2's Vincom Mega Mall on Christmas Eve Day.

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