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Saigon Bans Pets, Picnics on Nguyen Hue Promenade

Saigon authorities are clamping down on a number of activities that have been taking place on the city’s new pedestrian promenade.

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Since the Nguyen Hue walking street opened for business in late April, it has become a popular attraction for families and tourists. But while the city has a specific vision for the promenade's use, visitors have been molding the public space into their own image.

This, however, won’t last long as Thanh Nien reports that the city government has released a list of “dos and don'ts” for those enjoying US$19.7 million street, including bans on all pets, the sale of coffee, inline skating and picnics.

We imagine that such a move will limit the content of selifes taken on the WIFI-enabled promenade.

Ironically, as the city restricts the street’s use, it is calling on artists to submit proposals that would liven up the area, such as children’s music, puppetry, magic shows and symphony performances, to name a few.

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