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Vietnam Is Crazy About the New Nokia 'Brick' 3310

Vietnam’s most popular phone model ever has officially made a comeback.

A few months ago, at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain, Finnish tech firm HMD Global Oy announced that it was planning to relaunch the Nokia 3310, one of the company’s most iconic products. Flash forward to today, when fans of the phone in Vietnam have finally gotten their hands on the device after months of anticipation.

VnExpress quoted a few phone retailers in Vietnam as saying that sales of the classic phone have been surprisingly strong. The new version of Nokia 3310 reached local shops on Monday and has already sparked a craze among nostalgic Vietnamese shoppers.

In Hanoi and Saigon, most neighborhood phone stores have a limited supply of the phones – generally 10 to 20 each – while larger chains have stocked up to 500 phones for 400 outlets. A representative from the phone’s official distributor told the news source that supplies will be more consistent from next week.

The upgraded version of the Nokia 3310 costs VND1.059 million (US$46.67). Its renewed popularity in Vietnam is not hard to explain, as the phone is well-known nationwide as a benchmark for durability. By default, the battery is able to last for 22 hours of talk time and up to a month of standby time.

Zing reports that the new version is equipped with a micro USB port and a 1,200-mAh battery, instead of 300-mAh in the old version. Moreover, older fans of the model might be delighted to find out that their favorite Nokia game, Snake, is also making a comeback, this time coded by a team of Vietnamese programmers.

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