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[Video] Chinese Company Builds 57-Story Skyscraper in 19 Days

When one talks about the pace of construction in Vietnam, many would liken it to watching paint dry. Due to a plethora of reasons, many buildings remain partially built (e.g. the building at Ham Nghi and Ton Duc Thang) as monuments to inefficiency.

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However, in China, the land where entire cities can be built with the snap of a finger, skyscrapers are now going up at breakneck speed with the use of prefabricated materials. Broad Sustainable Building, a Chinese construction company, has made headlines over the last week for completing a 57-story tower in just 19 days, reports Gizmodo.

The 2-million-square-foot tower, located in the city of Changsha, was erected at a pace of 3 floors per day and will provide office space for 4,000 people and 800 apartments. Broad has called the construction method “the most profound innovation in human history." 

Check out this timelapse video of the skyscraper’s construction:

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