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[Photos] This D3 Kindergarten Adds a Pop of Color to the City Canvas

TTC Elite Saigon Kindergarten is located on Cach Mang Thang Tam Street in District 3, nestled behind many buildings that neighbor Le Thi Rieng Park and the city’s railway station.

The building was designed by a team of Vietnamese architects at Kien Truc O, led by principal architect Dam Vu. The project used the foundation of the previous building, which was a communal apartment block.

According to Kien Truc O, the project was designed so that the result resembles a geometric shape, which helps to bring curiosity into the children’s playground. Windows are in different shapes, colors and sizes, yet arranged in a way that can bring enough sunlight into the rooms.

Take a look at more photos of the kindergarten:

[Photos by Quang Tran via archdaily]

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