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[Photos] Da Nang Architects Turn Old 1970s House Into New Coffee Shop

If only more new building projects in Vietnam could take a moment to consider which old elements can be improved, instead of going straight for the wrecking ball.

Designed by Da Nang-based Viet D Architects, a new coffee shop in the coastal city shows that with the right touches, derelict buildings can become charming hangouts that appeal to contemporary patrons. The cafe is based in a modernist three-story house deep in an alley on Hai Phong Street. The house was built in the 1970s.

Prior to the makeover, the landlord didn’t make full use of the property and only rented out separate rooms. In the process of turning it into a coffee shop, the interior designers decided to keep the majority of the building’s existing materials, such as stones and ceramic tiles, and incorporated industrial elements to bring the house closer to its new function and demographic. Metallic beams, concrete and wood accents rub shoulders with vintage decor and geometrical tiles in a retro-style cafe area.

To open up the cafe’s flow, the architects also knocked down a back wall, expanding the view towards the Cao Dai Temple right behind the lot. And finally, vines and other foliage are added as finishing touches to tie the structure together and soften the artificiality of the concrete and metal.

Take a close look inside the building through the photos below:

[Photo by Tri Le via ArchDaily]

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