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[Photos] A Hoi An Family Brings a Touch of Their Hometown to Da Nang

KHE House, designed by K.A.N Studio, captures the nostalgia of a Hoi An family living in Da Nang, just three kilometers from their hometown.

According to ArchDaily, the design team's primary concept was to portray the warmth, affection and gentleness of people from Hoi An. These aspects are portrayed in numerous design features of the house.

The red tiles, yellow colors, lights and interior space bring out harmonious memories accumulated over time, along with a unique character.

Another key objective of the team was for the house to suit the surrounding environment. Specifically, the two main elements they took into consideration were light and wind.

The layout of the rooms and windows were all targeted to maximize natural light into the house to eliminate the need for artificial light during the day. Additionally, the house's advantageous location allows for the southeast wind to cool the structure naturally through the sliding door system.

Take a closer look at the house below:

[Photos by Quang Dam via ArchDaily

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