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[Photos] A Somehow-Spacious Tiny Apartment in Hanoi

Aesthetic pleasure doesn't fall prey to functionality and a dearth of square meters in this tiny Hanoi apartment. 

All of the units in the newly constructed building in Hanoi are small, with the intention of being inhabited by young families. The original design for a unit in this building was to have a closed-off bedroom and bathroom with sole functions. The apartment was renovated by Atelier12 with an open floor plan in mind. 

The design company opened up the space by ditching the closed rooms for a more airy floor plan where you can easily move from one space to another without the encumbrance of doors. The bathroom was converted into a washroom and storage area and the bedroom walls were removed, extending the living space. The sleeping area was tucked behind the kitchen, with easy access to the patio.

The kitchen is separated from the rest of the apartment by a piece of indigo-painted plywood that functions as a cabinet on one side of the doorless doorway, and a bookshelf accessible from either side on the other.

The furnishings of the apartment are carefully chosen to showcase its best features. The low-slung coffee table and dining table have glass table tops in order to not cast shadows on the apartment's wood flooring. This allows the light streaming in from the windows to pattern the floor without impediment. The space is given life with lots of greenery peeking in from the patio, hanging from the cement ceiling, and sitting upon the shelves lining the wall. 

Take a tour of the space below: 

[Photos by Hoang Le via ArchDaily]

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