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[Photos] A Rustic Hue House as Charming as Grandma's Cottage

Who doesn't want a getaway home nestled in a garden?

Who hasn't been stuck in Saigon traffic, the stink of exhaust sinking into your skin, the scream of bike horns assaulting your ears, the taste of construction dust coating your tongue, and found yourself wishing you could escape?

Nothing fancy, just a nice quiet spot to read a book or sip some coffee while staring out into nature. The owners of Hachi Lily House are lucky to have that privilege. A family that was sick of the stress of a big city decided to move and construct a home in Hue inside a pomelo garden beside a winding river. 

SILAA, a Hue-based architecture team, designed this airy 115-square-meter, two-bedroom, two-bathroom home using natural stone, terracotta and reclaimed wood. A skylight helps cast light into the spare interior, and the family can use a timber mezzanine for storage. 

The reported budget for the home was USD$50,000–100,000. The family hopes to stay there while managing a homestay to be constructed on the same land.

Have a look at the vacation home you wish you had below:

[Photos by Hoang Le via ArchDaily]

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