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[Photos] The Small-Town Vibes of Quy Nhon Half a Century Ago

The central coast city has been charming guests for decades with its awe-shucks charisma.

While war loomed in the distance with a military base outside the city, Quy Nhon's citizens enjoyed slow-paced lives with breezes carrying hints of ocean salt and the scent of petrichor rising from recently planted rice paddies. American Air force member Joe Kurtyka captured the atmosphere in 1966–1967 in this colorful set of photos

While the Binh Dinh capital is quickly becoming a major tourist destination, for most of its existence it was a small city where agriculture and commerce mingled. Large fields lined the simple mud road in from the airport, while in the city several markets carried a variety of local and imported goods. 

Take a gander at the winsome scenery below:

[Photos via Flickr user manhai]

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