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[Video] Saigon, the City That's Always on the Move

Saigon is a city of constant movement, as demonstrated by the sleek video below.

The travel feature, compiled by blogger duo How Many Country, blends various famous locations and landmarks in Saigon in between sharp, dizzying transitions that fit the soundtrack seamlessly.

“Have been Sai Gon for many times, a special love for this place has been nurtured inside of us,” the pair wrote in the video’s description. “As well as other places that we used to go, we would like to share our feeling in our own way – travelling videos of Sai Gon.”

What makes How Many Country’s film – titled Sai Gon Citylights – stand out is the conscious focus on movement in the southern metropolis. Typical shots of throngs of traffic on local thoroughfares are interspersed with the smooth moves of a dance troupe mid-practice, street acrobats and even a young boy riding his bike along apartment corridors.

Citylights is also color-graded with intensified shadows and the cyan-orange tone commonly seen in Hollywood blockbusters, further amplifying its cinematic quality.

Take a look at a gritty, fast-paced depiction of Saigon below:

[Video via YouTube user HOW MANY COUNTRY]

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