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[Video] A Bird's-Eye View of Vietnam's Natural Landscape

It’s not often that you can see Vietnam in all its snowy glory.

As much as busy metropolises like Hanoi and Saigon can provide tourists with ample opportunities for a good time with amazing company and delicious street food, Vietnam’s serene natural landscapes are also a treat.

In this montage, made up of many drone shots that Vimeo user Thắng Sói recorded all over the country’s wilderness and small towns, Vietnam’s beauty appears like the ethereal backdrop of a kick-ass movie trailer. Of all the sequences, perhaps the best that this travel video has to offer is the few minutes of Sapa under a thick layer of snow that renders the popular town almost unrecognizable.

Feast your eyes on Vietnam’s pristine natural beauty below:

[Video via Vimeo user Thắng Sói]

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