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Bamboo Airways Will Start Daily Flights to the US This September

Starting in September, the upstart airline will offer non-stop services from Saigon to San Francisco and Los Angeles.

VnExpress reports that the Bamboo Airways routes are the first non-stop services between Vietnam and the US, and will shorten the total travel time from 18–21 hours to 15–17 hours. The daily flights will utilize Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner aircraft, and while COVID-19 travel restrictions remain in place, the passengers will consist of experts, foreign investors, and Vietnamese citizens in the US looking to repatriate

Vietnam Airlines has been operating flights from the US to Vietnam for repatriation that required stops in Alaska. The national carrier had discussed plans to launch direct flights to America, but ultimately determined they would lose money on the flights. "It is quite a big headache, to be honest," said VNA CEO Dương Trí Thành.

It is unclear the reason or economics behind Bamboo's decision to proceed with the flights, and some aviation insiders are skeptical about their viability. 

Meanwhile, Bamboo Airways will operate six flights per week between London and Saigon, Hanoi using the same Dreamliner aircraft beginning in May. 

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