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In Defense Of Vung Tau: Why It Might Not Be So Bad After All

We’re not exactly sure why Vung Tau gets a bad rap. Sure it doesn’t have the cleanest beaches in the world, nor is it the most charming coastal destination, but many Saigonese seem more willing to take 5-hour bus rides to Phan Thiet rather than make the relatively quick journey down the Saigon River.

In their recent post "In defense of Vung Tau" Reddit user, Ph0Mai gives a great set of recommendations and descriptions for potential Vung Tau visitors including beaches, parks and cafes while also giving tips on places to avoid (like “Aussie places”).

The Park on Tran Phu – “Scores of woman doing dancing classes, food vendors, families, couples, drug dealers, 2-stroke motorbike maniacs, street performers, bored police - it's like watching a microcosm of Viet Nam.”

Haven Beach Lounge – “Reasonably priced drinks, decent bar food, no girly bullshit, good music.”

Surf Bar – “Scruffier than Haven and full of Russians (not necessarily a bad thing) but also a nice dive-y beach bar.”

The Black Pearl – “Don't go there to talk to people. The only thing coming out of your mouth in this place is "mot, hai, ba, YO!" or the lyrics to the song the Filipino band is singing.”

Blue Moon Club - It's big and colourful like a lot of places in D1 but it's distinctly Vietnamese. Also there's actually a dance floor and an amazing 3D mapping stage.”

Little Mountain – “This would be the mountain with Jesus on it. Highly recommended around sunset.”

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Big Mountain – “Worth it just for the spectacle as well as a spectacular view of town.”

Ganh Hao – “The most famous restaurant in Vung Tau. All seafood.”

Tan Phat – “Plastic chairs, metal tables, utter chaos, good times.”

Cafe 9 – “One of the only foreign restaurants worth going to.”

La Samba – “The only Malaysian joint in town. They do a nice nasi goreng and the curries are appropriately volcanic.”

Yummy's – “It ain't Mexico but it's the best we've got.”

The Aussie Places – “The food is the essence of bland caloric intake and the clientele is questionable.” 

Do you have any Vung Tau hot spots to add?

[Photo via Stephen McGrath]