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[Photos] A Closer Look At Vietnam’s New 5-Star Trains

More details and photos of Vietnam’s new 5-star trains have popped up in the local press this week, providing pricing information and a deeper look at the upscale amenities which promise to provide a more pleasant experience for those making the 31-hour trip between Hanoi and Saigon. 

The crew of SE3 and his crew line up in front of the 13-car train which recently received a VND41.6 billion upgrade. The train departs from Hanoi at 10pm and arrives in Saigon at 5:30am. 

A soft seat in an air conditioned, TV-equipped car will set you back VND1.2 million. 

Each bed in a six person sleeper compartment costs VND1.5 million and come with freshly cleaned blankets, pillow covers and mattresses. 

A bed in the four-bunk luxury compartment is VND1.7 million.

Bathrooms sport waste treatment systems and new sinks/toilets.

Super fancy semi-automatic doors.

The dining car serves up noodles for VND30,000, rice dishes for VND35,000 and between VND12,000-25,000 for coffee, beer and sodas. 

 A well-lit hallway.

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