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[Video] Drone Video Goes Behind the Scenes of Son Doong Cave Expedition

There's a lot of hype around Son Doong these days, and when you take a look at the ever-growing collection of photos and videos from within the place, it's not difficult to see why. The world's largest cave, nestled deep in the jungles of central Vietnam, is the talk of adventurers across the globe.

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Just last month, in fact, the Smithsonian magazine presented its list of must-see places around the world and Son Doong was at the very top.

But if you weren't already sold on entering the largest subterranean chamber on the planet, the video below from DJI Stories should help stoke your wanderlust.

A few months back, the DJI team of videographers collaborated with TV program Good Morning America to introduce Son Doong to American television viewers. Using some of the most advanced drones available – the DJI Inspire 1 and Phantom 3 – DJI was able to reach parts of the cave which would otherwise go unexplored, giving viewers a glimpse into one of the most beautiful and hidden marvels in the world.

The resulting footage is a compilation of soaring mountains, lush jungle and eerie cave interiors, all of which required great effort on the part of the team. The explorers crossed rivers, trekked through dense jungle and rappelled down dangerous walls in order to reach their base camp inside the cave. With some areas pitch black, their limited field of vision combined with temperatures reaching up to 40 degrees C made this a gruelling journey for many of the participants.

However the finished product, this stunning four-minute video of Vietnam's greatest natural wonder – was well worth the hardship, not to mention a once-in-a-lifetime experience for those inside.

[Top image by John Spies]

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