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[Video] Drone Reveals Hong Kong's Natural Charm

In addition to a pretty impressive 3D rendering of Hong Kong's skyline, courtesy of Google, armchair travelers can now experience the city from up above.

The following four-minute video, created by NPro+ Aerial Production, showcases the best of Hong Kong with crystal-clear drone footage and an epic soundtrack. All told, the project took roughly one year of production, 10 hours of flying and over 80 take-offs to complete, but the results are well worth it.

NPro+'s video highlights not only the city's famous Victoria Harbor and Hong Kong Island skyline but also its more remote areas. From hillside pagodas to trendy, downtown skyscrapers, traditional fishing harbors, Cantonese markets and old-school tenements to the contemporary structures and fireworks displays over Victoria Harbor, the video is a fitting tribute to the thriving island city.

Take a look below:

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