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Cambodian Widow Believes Young Cow Is Reincarnation of Dead Husband

Cambodia’s social media scene is buzzing over a cow which a local villager strongly believes to be the reincarnation of her dead husband.

The home of 74-year-old Khim Hang has been very crowded and noisy recently. Nowadays, up to 100 visitors from all over the country drop by her house in northeast Kratie province in the hope of seeing the famous calf.

According to Hang, the five-month-old cow behaves exactly like her husband, Tol Khut, who passed away more than a year ago. 

“I believe the calf is my husband because whatever he does…is in exactly the same way as my husband did when he was alive,” she told Reuters.

The bovine was born this March. As he grew up, Hang and her seven children started spotting mannerisms that reminded them of their late husband and father.

At the moment, the cow shares a bed with Hang and sleeps on Khut’s fluffy pillow.

“He lies in bed from 6pm to 10am with the TV frequently on in the background to keep him entertained - just as Tol Khut would have liked,” the family shared.

Hang is determined to keep the cow in the family and specifically instructed her children to look after it when she dies. When the cow passes away, they are to conduct a human funeral ceremony for him.

[Photo via India Times]

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