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[Video] Indonesian TV Show Depicts Diabolical Hello Kitty Murder

In every country, in every culture, there are good people who love bad television.

This universal truth is the reason we have soap operas and reality shows: around the world, in our respective homelands, we all have a mutual appreciation for televised garbage.

Indonesia is no exception. According to Coconuts Jakarta, local sinetron, or daytime programs high on drama and low on substance, abound in the island nation. One such television show is Surga Yang Kedua, also known as Second Heaven, the story of a man with two wives, which recently aired a rather unusual – and, as it turns out, hilarious – scene involving the murder of a Hello Kitty toy.

For reasons unbeknownst to pretty much everyone, earlier this month the writers of Surga Yang Kedua included a scene in the show which, in the words of Coconuts Jakarta, “truly illuminate[s] the desperation and drama of the human condition”. The clip depicts Hello Kitty being boiled in a pot of water, much to the shock and horror of everyone in the Surga Yang Kedua cast.

No one seems to know why this happened or how it relates to the plot of the show, however the scene was later tweeted by Indonesia’s Remotivi Center for Media and Communication Studies along with the caption, translated via Google: “Hello Kitty boiled. Only on an Indonesian soap opera.”

The video has since gone viral, making the rounds on social media for its suspenseful depiction of a brutal stuffed animal murder.

Have a look below:

[Video via Twitter user Remotivi]

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