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[Video] A Celebrity YouTuber's Heartfelt Father-Son Vietnam Documentary

In the opening of The Vietnam Notebook, narrator Casey Neistat flips open a fat, worn out Moleskine and holds a magnifying glass against the hasty scribble on the book’s bottom corner: “Experience does for the soul what education does for the mind.”

Over the remainder of the 15-minute mini-doc, created by YouTube star Neistat and featuring his son, Owen, the duo set out in search of that very experience, taking their annual father-son trip through the northern Vietnamese countryside. 

Using Vietnam’s verdant green landscapes as a backdrop, the filmmaker tells the story of his relationship with Owen and the value of embarking on long, unpredictable journeys with those closest to you. Heading to Mai Chau and beyond on a noisy, ramshackle motorbike, the pair experience Vietnam's sights and sounds while spending time together, a world apart from their daily lives.

Watch the full video below:

[Video via YouTube user Casey Neistat]

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