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[Video] Filmmaker Merges Vietnam Footage With Poetry

There are an abundance of beautiful travel videos on the internet, many of them as visually stunning as the next. But whether you're touring Myanmar, watching Vietnam from above or getting lost in the rhythmic trance of a well-edited Southeast Asia travelogue, most of these films lack a specific message beyond encouraging viewers to get out and explore themselves.

Don't get us wrong: we're all for these gorgeous travel documentaries, which often do a better job of selling Southeast Asia's destinations than the tourism boards tasked with that very responsibility, but rarely do we encounter a video that manages to capture the beauty of a particular place while also conveying a clear, concise message to its viewers.

In the case of Camille Marotte's video, however, there is a beautiful and captivating message from the very beginning. Filmed in India, Vietnam, Senegal and Morocco, the clip below uses images from each country to accompany the husky, weather-worn voice reading David Romano's “If Tomorrow Starts Without Me”. Just try and not tear up while you watch:

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