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Hanoi Receives Government Approval to Move Forward on Proposed Formula One Race

Hanoi's plan to host a Formula 1 race in the near future has taken another step forward.

VnExpress reports that the central government announced its support for the proposal at a press conference on Thursday. The potential race has been up for discussion for some time, and was originally envisioned as a street race around the Hoan Kiem Lake area. That, however, has changed.

Minister and Chairman of the Government Office Mai Tien Dung told the press conference: "The city initially planned to host the race around the Sword Lake and nearby roads. The ministries however found it unsuitable, and the organizer also found that it did not meet their requirements."

According to the news source, Hanoi's leaders have altered their proposal, and the grand prix would now be held in the My Dinh Sports Complex in Hanoi's western suburbs. Dung explained to the press that, since the area already has suitable infrastructure, only the road surface and median strips would need to be upgraded.

He also shared rationale for the government's support of the race proposal: "The F1 race has attracted many people's attention, many countries have successfully hosted it and when Hanoi consulted the residents living in the area the race is to be hosted, the approval rate was high."

However, it remains entirely unclear whether a Hanoi Grand Prix is on the horizon, as negotiations with Formula 1 are ongoing and no concrete details regarding the organization of a race has been released.

There are currently 21 F1 races on the calendar, including six in Asia. The Singapore Grand Prix is coming up, with racers set to hit the streets around Marina Bay on September 16.

[Photo: the Singapore Grand Prix via Get4X]

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