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[Video] This Tongue-in-Cheek Short Film Imagines a World Without Bum Guns

Empty toilet paper holder, not a single tissue or scrap of useless paper in your pocket and no one else in the bathroom to head your calls for help: its a nightmare we all understand. 

This comedic short, It's All in Our Hands, by Saigon-based Soul Catcher Productions lets viewers squirm in the agonizing experience before giving way to a humorous, inspiring ending. 

The group of young independent filmmakers produced it as part of the 48-hour film competition. Each team had to select their genre at random and include a specified character, line and prop and complete their film within two days. It's All in Our Hands belongs to the coming-of-age genre and seamlessly sneaked in the required dog walker, a loaf of bread and the utterance, "Because I believe I am right!" For their efforts, the team won the award given by the audience for best director, and snagged nominations for Best Director, Best Screenplay and Best Use of Required Line.

See what it's like to live in a world sans bum guns below:

Video via Vimeo user Soul Catcher Productions.

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