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Viet Thanh Nguyen Memoir 'A Man of Two Faces' Releases Today

A Man of Two Faces: A Memoir, a History, a Memorial, the new book by Pulitzer Prize-winner Viet Thanh Nguyen arrives from Grove City Press on October 3. 

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How Richie Fawcett's Saigon Sketches Illuminate a Decade of Change

It’s been hidden right there in the heart of Saigon for over half a decade. 

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Phan Thiết's Vibrant Whale Worship Festival Reflects Vietnam's Rich Animist Traditions

Whale worship started from a folk belief harbored by fishermen seeking help from the gods to endure the arduous days spent at sea, but over time, it grew to become one of the most prominent spiritual practices of Vietnam’s fishing communities, especially in Phan Thiết. This reverence of whales reflects the people’s fervent passion for life, and a benevolent coastal culture that seeks harmony between mankind and nature.

Paul Christiansen

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Shrimp Fishing in Thanh Đa Is Fun Even When You Don't Catch Anything

If it weren’t for shrimps, developing taste buds would have been an outrageous waste of evolutionary time and resources. Truly, without the potential for boiled, grilled, fried, baked or even raw shrimp, I find little point to getting out of bed with my tongue still in my mouth.

Khôi Phạm

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Review: 'Bến Phà Xác Sống' Is the 2nd-Worst Movie I've Ever Watched. I'm Sad It's Over.

The day when the Saigoneer team organized a little get-together to watch Bến Phà Xác Sống in the cinema, I was running seriously late.

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In Gò Vấp, a 'Floating Temple' Stands the Test of Time and River Currents

On an isle amid the Vàm Thuật river in Gò Vấp District, Phù Châu Temple, colloquially known among locals as the “floating temple,” has welcomed religious practitioners looking for a serene quarter in fast-paced Hồ Chí Minh City for over three centuries.

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On the Hunt for One-of-a-Kind Treasures in Saigon's Thriving Thrift Shops

In the summer of 2021, Hương Nguyễn decided to pivot away from her office job and launch an online thrift store called Vintage Hearts. She was motivated by how difficult it was to find clothing in Saigon that reflected her personal style — what she used to describe as “inspired by foreign pop singers on Pinterest,” she tells me, but what is now known as “Y2K,” or “year two thousand.” 

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Ocean Vuong Brings Vietnamese Text, Original Photos to Helmut Lang Collection

Peter Do, the recently named Creative Director of the storied fashion brand Helmut Lang, enlisted writer Ocean Vuong to provide text and photos for his debut collection.

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Tết Tây

Western New Year passed us by, towing an old sensation in its wake. It was a strange celebration, or if not completely strange then slightly out of joint. The Ball was stationary, and around its would...

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Audio: Vietnam's Reggae Revelation

It may be played on repeat in tourist bars across Vietnam (and much of SE Asia) but reggae music has yet get traction in the local market. Hanoi-based journalist, Marianne Brown recently tal...

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Event Rewind: Saigon Artbook Party 2

Saigon Artbook released their second edition on January 16th at Zest Café where the books’ artists and locals came out to support Saigon’s growing art scene. Zest proved to be an incredible space for...

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Apocalaughs Now @ Cargo

From the organizer: Professional alternative stand-up comedy returns to Saigon on Tuesday Jan. 21 at Cargo Bar.

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Event Rewind: Steve Aoki

After successfully rocking Hanoi last December, Steve Aoki made his Saigon debut last night to the delight of hundreds of bouncing concertgoers. Things started off a bit precariously with a last minu...

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You'll Never Guess What These Boats are Made From

Unexploded bombs aren't the only thing the American military left behind in Vietnam after their failed interventions in SE Asia. According to The Aviationist, many American fighter-bombers such as th...

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Behold: Japanese Fart Scrolls

It's been a while since we've checked in with our Japanese neighbors. And what piqued our interest this time? Traditional, Edo period Japanese fart scrolls, of course! These scrolls are called he-gas...

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The Saigon Players Present: Two

From the organizer: Still part of the Saigon Players’ 10th Season, we present English dramatist, Jim Cartwright’s award-winning, tour-de-force play, Two. The play is about a night in a pub ...

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Exclusive Interview: Electronic DJ, Daedelus

Electronic DJ, Daedelus, will be headlining this month's The Beats Saigon party as the collective celebrates its 7th anniversary. We caught up with Daelelus and talked about his new album, creative pr...

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Trailer: Red Over the Rainbow - Vietpride 2013

As Vietnam becomes more accepting of their community (officially, at least), LGBT activists continue to publicize their struggle through the use of media. A forthcoming documentary from Hanoi-Based, F...

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Behind the Cover: Saigon Artbook 2

The Saigon Artbook 2 party is coming up this Thursday at Zest Cafe. While tickets are currently sold out, Saigoneer will be giving a set of tickets away on our Facebook page later this afternoon. Here...

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Phởnny Business: 13 Vietnamese Restaurants That Use Puns

Some Vietnamese are taking advantange of the American love for puns to attract business to their phở restaurants. Buzzfeed recently published a set of photos showing how many California phở shops are ...

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Stand-up Saigon presents: The Best Comedy in Town

From the organizer: We’re a collection of aspiring comedians who are dedicated to making you piss yourself...figuratively speaking of course.So, the million Dong question is are you ready to laugh?

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Beer Paradise: Vietnamese Beer Ranked Cheapest in the World

Thrillist, using crowd-sourced data from cost of living site, Numbeo, just published a list of the countries with the world’s cheapest beer. Somewhat surprisingly, our fair Vietnam took the crown with...

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New Year Gala Concert “Mozart and Tchaikovsky”

From the organizer: You are invited to the NEW YEAR GALA CONCERT with the participation of violinist Nguyen Huu Khoi Nam, who is considered the pride of Vietnam in France. The program is choreographe...

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Laurent Judge: The Evolution of a Graffiti Artist

“It’s like a nightmare where everything is in slow motion, some lights will appear, then shadows and creature, which could be real but they are abstract.” This is how Parisian painter and graffiti art...

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10 Awesome Traditional Vietnamese Songs

Petites Planètes compiled a wonderful sampling of traditional Vietnamese music, from funeral songs to those played in Hue's Imperial Citadel, and put the playlist online.

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Sci-Fi Cosplay Party @ Cargo

From the organizer: Are you ready for fun night of live music, dancing, drinking and dressing up as your favourite Sci-Fi characters? Join us for the biggest Sci-Fi party… ever in Vietnam! Project ...

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Proposed $1/Day ‘Tourism Fee’ Draws Severe Criticism

As Vietnam seeks to boost its tourism industry, the Vietnam National Administration of Tourism (VNAT) has proposed a plan that would charge tourists an additional $1 per day on top of the cost of thei...

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Photography Courses with Quinn Ryan Mattingly

From the organizer: Do you have a great camera or editing software but not sure how to get the most from it? Saigon School of Imaging is here to help. With current courses in Lightroom, Photoshop and...