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Saigoneer Bookshelf: A Study of the Mekong Through Stories Told on the River

Much like humanity, great systems of the natural world rely on connectivity to thrive.

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In an Ever-Changing Saigon, Street Artisans Hold Fast to Dying Crafts

We delve into the lives of Saigon’s artisans — an animal coconut leaf folder, a woodcarver embracing modern influences, an accomplished street corner calligrapher, and an itinerant craftsman to see what they’re doing to keep their art alive.

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Saigon Postcard No. 24: A Slice of New Saigon

Saigon is a cake with many bakers.

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Ta Nang, One of Vietnam’s Most Beautiful Trails and Best-Kept Secrets

Whether we choose to participate or not, most of us are fascinated by Vietnam’s motorbike culture.

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The Art Book That Delves Into the History of Ancient Vietnamese Fashion

Born at the intersection of fashion and history, a new art book by a team of Vietnamese researchers and creatives will take readers on a journey back to the eras of the country’s past royalty.

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'Da 5 Bloods' Review: A Vital Message Lost in a Deeply Flawed Film

This article contains major spoilers for Da 5 Bloods.

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Japan Might Reopen for Vietnamese Visitors With Negative Covid-19 Tests

Vietnam's successful containment of the coronavirus outbreak may mean its people will be able to travel abroad sooner, rather than later.

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Video: A Little Vietnamese Hip Hop For Your Thursday Morning

Check out this dope cut, Resurrection Cypher Pt.1, from DC, YunoSk, V-Soul, BlackMurder and Pain. The flow is definitely there but our Vietnamese isn't quite good enough to catch the lyrics. If anyon...

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Event: Pow Annual Graffiti Competion this Sunday

Sunday, 4th August 2013 8:00 - 21:00 Saigon Outcast | 188/1 Nguyễn Văn Hưởng, Thảo Điền, Quận 2 It has been 6 years since party Reborn, the last Graffiti battle at Saigon. Since then, Graf...

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Why You Should go to Future Shorts Tonight

Don's miss out on Future Shorts, tonight at Decibel. Our Arts & Culture contributer, Zelda Rudzitsky, caught the first showing last weekend at Snap Cafe. Here's what she though of this month'...

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Old Songs and Album Covers from Vietnam's Musical 'Golden Era'

Vietnamese pop music in the 60s and 70s was awesome. Inspired by folk, country and rock & roll, scores of local singers created their own, Vietnamese take on these genres with fantastic results. ...

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Silk Painting Exhibition at Phương My

From the organizer: ‘PAEONIA DREAM: LE HOANG BICH PHUONG’ is the inaugural exhibition launching ‘San Art Productions x Phuong My’ in Ho Chi Minh City – connecting the local cultural community through...

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Event: Thrift Shop @ Saigon Outcast

Saigon Outcast is preparing for another great event, this time with the theme ‘Thrift Shop.’ So this Saturday from 10am – 10pm, be sure to stop by and update your wardrobe!

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Is the Internet Changing Vietnam’s Perception of Sexuality?

Over at Vietmeme, one of our favorite local blogs, Mai Huyen Chi takes a closer look at the recent scandal surrounding the bra-less Facebook sensation, Bà Tưng and how the web is shaping sexual discou...

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Video: Foreigners Race Mini Bikes Around Saigon Traffic Circle

Ever wonder what it would look like if two foreigners undertook a 250 lap race around a Saigon traffic circle on 49hp mini bikes and full racing regalia? Do you have 14 minutes to spare? That's rheto...

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Future Shorts Returns with 2 Screenings

90 Countries, 325 Cities, 6 Continents, 1,700 screenings – Future Shorts is the world’s largest short film festival. This season’s short films explore the grief; the joy, and the memory of living and ...

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Beautiful Japanese Rice Paddy Art

The slideshow below features examples of tanbo, a ingenious Japanese style of rice paddy art, popularized by the village of Inakadate. The tradition began in 1993 when the villagers were looking for ...

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Interview with HCMC MEGA City Organizer - Part 1

Dr. Michael Waibel, along with Hilbert Henning, have launched the TP. Ho Chi Minh - MEGA City project to visually document Saigon’s rapid urban development. The project is currently being assembl...

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Beware: The Face-Kini May Come to Vietnam

While the Western World spends huge sums of money on tanning, in the East, things are reversed. Seemingly every cosmetic cream promises to whiten ones skin while many hibernate during the day to avoid...

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Famous Japanese Rockers to Play Saigon

Looking to an alternative to the typical Saigon music scene? On Sunday, July 28th, the Onion Cellar will host a night of Japanese-dominated indie, progressive rock and electronic music ranging from si...

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Video: What Traditional Vietnamese Music Would Sound Like in English

For many foreigners, Vietnamese is a tough language to master due to its many tones. As hard as it may be for them in daily conversation, understanding music lyrics is a herculean task. So what would...

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Dutch Lady Versus Vinamilk - A Foreigner and a Local Battle it Out (But Not Really)

Humor doesn't require much knowledge of each other’s language, especially in Vietnam. On a recent sweltering day, I went to a minimart to buy a Coca-Cola just as the store was being supplied. They di...

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Dekotora: Japan's Truckin' Subculture

The Japanese really know how to take shit to the next level. Next level brothel? Check! Next level hamburger? Check! Blinged-out transformer trucks? Double check! The pictures in the gallery below sho...

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Latin Music With Soul

With many options available, it seems that a large number of Vietnamese youth are getting more and more into Latin music - Salsa, Merengue, Cumbia and Reggaeton. From Salsa clubs like La Salsa and Xsa...

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A Vietnamese View of Photography: Artsy vs Trendy

Over the past four years, young Vietnamese have been paying more attention to photography. They’re not only keen on the qualitative aspects but are also eager to learn how to create these images by th...

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Japan Eases Visa Requirements for Vietnamese

The struggles of Vietnamese applying for visas to European and North American countries are well documented and probably won’t be changing anytime soon. But it will soon be easier for Vietnamese to vi...

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Emerging Vietnamese Artists at Craig Thomas Gallery

In celebration of Craig Thomas Gallery’s 4th anniversary, the works of 15 young Vietnamese emerging artists will be displayed from June 29 – July 21. Among the artists are Ngo Van Sac, Bui Thanh Tam,...