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Saigon Independent Art Space San Art Launches Fundraising Exhibition This Month

Founded in 2007 by four artists including Dinh Q. Le, Tiffany Chung, Tuan Andrew Nguyen and Ha Thuc Phu Nam, the space is one of Saigon’s pioneer independent, non-profit and artist-initiated art platforms.

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What's Inside the Eclectic Sets of Coracle Music Festival's 2nd Edition?

Perfect weather, a beautiful setting and great acts — what more do you need from a music festival?

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In 'Method,' Performers Explore Contemporary Dance's Universe of Movements

On the day of my visit, the dancers of ‘Method’ were practicing an exercise that involves many people crashing into each other before they all proceed to fall to the ground; their movements resemble vehicles falling into pieces after an accident.

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[Video] The Effortlessly Cool Longboarders Conquering Saigon Sidewalks in Áo Dài

Have you ever seen something so effortlessly kickass?

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[Video] A Day in the Life of an Ordinary Schoolgirl in Saigon

What might life be like for a public school student in Saigon who hails from a less well-off family?

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Saigoneer Bookshelf: Americana Through a Vietnamese Lens in 'Butterfly Yellow'

“Read what you don’t know because if you can already imagine it, then you can already imagine it; but if you can’t, then open up something that reveals a world you can’t imagine and then suddenly you’re like, 'oh wow.'” 

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How Saigon Brought Together Skeleton Goode, the City's Latest Psych Rock Band

While some may find it hard to explore Saigon's music scene given the dearth of live venues, record labels and media coverage, bands like Skeleton Goode ensure that Saigoneers can enjoy a wide range of music.

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A Young Violist's Take on Performing in Saigon's All-Vietnamese Orchestra

Notes leap and prance out of bamboo flute the way a cricket prances between stalks of grass.

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Emerging Vietnamese Artists at Craig Thomas Gallery

In celebration of Craig Thomas Gallery’s 4th anniversary, the works of 15 young Vietnamese emerging artists will be displayed from June 29 – July 21. Among the artists are Ngo Van Sac, Bui Thanh Tam,...

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Amazing Motorbike Choreography by the Rome Police (1953)

Think Saigon motorbike drivers are hardcore? You have no idea. Check out the video below of a 1953 performance of the Rome motorbike police. If Saigon’s traffic is organized chaos, then this is, well...

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Vietnamese Artists Mix Electronic, Hip Hop and Traditional Music

There are complaints that Vietnamese pop music is bland and lacks variety and musical ingenuity. Pop ballads, usually indistinguishable from one another, dominate Vietnamese TV and radio. Fortunately...

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Ode To Saigon

When Mark Batchelor found himself in an all-to-familiar power outage, he was left with no internet and decided to spontaneously pick up a pen a paper and whip together a poem/rhyme about his first imp...

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Event: Green Drinks Returns on June 25

Every month people who work in the environmental field meet up at informal sessions known as Green Drinks. With a lively mixture of people from NGOs, academia, government and business, it's a great w...

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Downed US Plane in Binh Phuoc

Earlier this year, Quinn Ryan Mattingly made his way through Binh Phuoc Province. Eventually reaching Phuoc Long, he stumbled upon some interesting history, a downed US plane, slowly decomposing in th...

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Amazing Vietnamese Origami

This is the work of Hanoi-based artist Nguyen Hung Cuong who creates his beautiful pieces with paper called Do. Nguyen Hung Cuong has been making origami since the age of six when he received his fir...

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Call for Submissions - Ho Chi Minh MEGA City

If you love Saigon, it’s time to grab your camera and take some shots of the city! The photo book, “TP. Ho Chi Minh MEGA City,” is currently being assembled and the authors are seeking submissions. C...

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Interactive Saigon Bus Map

Believe it or not, buses are a great way to zip around Saigon. They're cheap, reasonably fast (unless it's rush-hour) and service nearly every corner of the city. But for non-Vietnamese speakers, taki...

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Saigon Graffiti - Part 1

Saigon has quite a bit of graffiti but not much of it is of particularly high quality. These refreshing pieces by local bombers such as Tom, KD, Ares, Mur, K Dee, YCP are a few years old but show a h...

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Authorities to Crack Down on Showing Skin in Public

If the Ministry of Public Security has its way, there will be a lot less skin showing on Saigon’s streets. The ministry has introduced a draft decree that doubles fines for people appearing in "underg...

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New Report on Vietnamese Online and Mobile Trends

The market research firm, Cimigo, just completed their most recent report on Vietnamese online and mobile trends. The numbers revealed that consumers are becoming increasingly engaged online. The stu...

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Rolls-Royce Coming to Vietnam in 2014

Apparently Mercedes, BMWs and Bentleys aren’t enough for Vietnam’s growing upper class. But not to worry! Starting next year, British luxury carmaker, Rolls-Royce will set up shop in Vietnam. Rolls-R...

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Nixon’s Plan to Nuke His Way out of Vietnam

B52 Stratofortress Taking Off. Source: US Government Remember that time Nixon gave orders to drop nukes on Moscow to end the war in Vietnam? No? Well neither did I until I came across this article wr...

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Who Does Hoi An Exist For?

Ancient houses, beautiful beaches, great restaurants and plenty of places to take long strolls have given Hoi An a reputation for being one of Vietnam’s most charming destinations. But as the number o...

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Event: Art House Cinema Presents “The Night James Brown Saved Boston”

Tonight, Art House Cinema will screen the 2008 film, “The Night James Brown Saved Boston.” The film covers a James Brown concert which took place after the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr. and ...

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Vietnamese Language Garden 'Green City' Photo Contest

About the Contest We are now accepting submissions for the Vietnamese Language Garden photo contest. Use your creative eye to shoot photos that capture nature in Saigon - tree-lined streets, a day i...

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How Vietnam’s Rich Earn Their Millions

Two words: Real estate. Citing an unnamed report, VietnamNetBridge found that nearly 30% of Vietnamese millionaires made their money from real estate investments and development. As living standard...

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Hanoi Train Travels Though Narrow Gap Between Houses

Just as in Saigon, Hanoi is a dense city where, outside of downtown, little attention was paid to details like infrastructure planning. This can result in some impactful visuals such as this video of ...

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A Look at Vietnam's Love Hotels

Walk through any urban public space in Europe, South America or the US and chances are you’ll encounter a young couple doing…couple’s things. Public spaces are an escape from the oversight of family a...