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[Video] At FEEL It Festival, a Full Display of Saigon's Vibrant Street Culture

On December 15, Saigon's underground street scene was on full display on a rooftop in District 7, with freestyle skating, vibrant graffitti and local musicians.

The FEEL It arts and music festival paid tribute to the emerging street culture and local brands of Saigon. The event was organized by a collaboration between Q.Industries, Skullcandy Vietnam and Tê Tê Craft Beer, with Saigoneer acting as media sponsor.

At the festival, participants engaged in a range of activities such as live graffiti painting, a skateboarding competition, tattoo workshops and even a live screening of the final match of the AFF Cup 2018.

Check out our photos of the event's highlights and unique setup below:

Video: Saigoneer

Photos: Kevin Lee

Editor: Danny Roche

Music: Sajak

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