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[Interactive Chart] How Vietnamese Consume Media

We can assume a lot about Vietnamese media habits based on our daily observations. Cafés are packed smartphone and tablets users and when walking down a hem at night, nearly every family seems to be sitting around their TVs.

But enough speculation, we’ve come across some hard data showing how Vietnamese consume media across TVs, PCs, tablets and smartphones and some of the numbers may surprise you.

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These statistics are all based on data found in Mary Meeker's presentation about the future of the Internet.

This interactive table, created by The Atlantic, “will tell you which countries watch the most TV, stare longest at their tablets, and get lost most reliably in the glassy glares of their smartphones.” (Countries with darkened bars represent countries that lead at least one category).

According to these statistics, Vietnam ranks dead last in TV viewing, second for PC usage, seventh in smartphone addiction and fifth in tablet junkies.

Does this data confirm your predictions or have you questioning your powers of observation?

[The Atlantic // Photo via globalgoodfood]

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