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[Video] There's Now a Mekong Delta-Style Remix of 'Despacito,' Because Why Not

Who would have thought that merging ‘Despacito’ with Vietnamese bolero influences would make a great Khmer-sounding hit?

Just when you thought that ‘Despacito’ fever had died down after Taylor Swift dropped her incendiary new single, it only got worse. Local parody internet star – and possible musical genius – Luu Minh Tai has come up with a very Mekong Delta-style rendition of the Spanish-language hit.

Tai is the mastermind behind YouTube channel Kênh Giải Trí Cây Dừa, which has set fire to Vietnam’s cybersphere one too many times through their sentimental makeovers of chart-toppers such as Son Tung M-TP’s ‘Lac Troi’: Think Son Tung's lyrics, but with the music of Saigon-Can Tho buses.

Now, their music video for the Spanish-language hit has all the marks of a typical 90s production, complete with nonchalant dancers swaying with nón lá, a distinctly Mekong Delta setting and southern pronunciation of foreign words.

The result is…special: it’s a perfect production that straddles the line of extreme kitsch and pure stylistic ingenuity. We’re not quite sure if the lyrics can be categorized as Spanish, Vietnamese, Thai or Khmer, but we know that the melody will haunt our sleep for weeks to come.

Have a gander at a Mekong Delta remix of ‘Despacito’ below:

[Video via YouTube user Kênh Giải Trí Cây Dừa]

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