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[Video] Teh Dar Brings Central Highlands' Rhythm and Sound to Saigon

From the same team that brought us A O Show and Lang Toi, Teh Dar will take audiences on a trip to the mountain ranges of the Central Highlands.

It’s difficult to define what kind of performance Teh Dar is, as there are many elements to the show: aerial acrobatics, chanting, songs and even, at times, a theatrical narrative. However, at the end of the day, everything blends together to create a visual feast that will both entertain and educate members of the audience.

The show’s title, Teh Dar, is taken from the K’ho language, meaning "going around in a circle." The image of a circle can be observed in a range of activities among the cultures of communitues in the Central Highlands.

Apart from featuring cultural and musical elements from five ethnic groups in the region, the show creators also hire musicians and dancers from the highlands to participate in the show.

Saigoneer recently had a chance to sit down with the team behind Teh Dar to listen to their story. Have a look at the video below:

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