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[Photos] Chinese Artist Transforms Discarded Cardboard Into Intricate Artwork

While some Saigoneers may begin their day by slurping down a hot bowl of phở or chasing after some Pokemon, Chinese artist Wenyi has a different morning routine: he paints on, of all things, pieces of discarded trash.

Every day, the artist cycles around his hometown of Dali in Yunnan Province, China, carrying a pen and a wooden board, but no paper. “I want people to see art in our everyday life,” Wenyi told Bored Panda, “even if it’s on wasted paper.”

Rich in cultural heritage and natural resources, Dali is a beautiful town. However, its streets are filled with litter.

Therefore, Wenyi started a project to do something about the town’s trash problem. On every trip, after picking up some discarded paper or cardboard in an alleyway, he fills this impromptu canvas with the scene right in front of him.

After the painter’s makeover, plain, forgotten items of trash are turned into little pieces of artwork that feature snapshots of the quaint town, ranging from simple sketches to full-fledged water color renditions. Take a loot at some examples of Wenyi's ingenious work below. 

[Photos via This Is Colossal]

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