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Amazon Eyes Southeast Asia Expansion Through Singapore

It looks like residents of Southeast Asia will soon be able to enjoy American online retailer Amazon’s services.

An anonymous source involved in the plan told online news outlet TechCrunch that Amazon’s arrival in Southeast Asia could happen as soon as this week, starting with Singapore.

If things go according to plan, citizens of the island nation will gain access to all of the tech giant’s products, including Amazon Prime, Amazon Prime Now fast delivery and the usual e-commerce services. However, as the company has remained mum when asked about the regional entrance, pricing is still undetermined at the moment.

Another sign of the official Amazon arrival can be spotted in Singapore’s cybersphere, as a slew of high-profile social media influencers have uploaded sponsored posts showing products from Amazon’s Prime Now service. The packaging doesn’t explicitly feature its logo, but the distinctive Amazon tick is a dead giveaway, according to TechCrunch.

At this point, it remains to be seen how the company will expand in the region, but many expect Amazon to reach out to other Southeast Asian members soon as Singapore’s population of five million people isn’t enough to make a significant impact on the firm’s revenue.

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