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Vietnam's Internet Speed Is 102nd in the World

Assuming you got this page to load on your computer, I'm afraid we've got some bad news: Vietnam's internet is pretty terrible.

According to VietnamNet, the country ranked 102nd in the world on the International Telecommunications Union's (ITU) 2015 report, slipping eight places from its 2010 position.

While internet services in Vietnam have moved down a few notches on the ITU list, quality has actually improved. The country scored a 4.28 out of 10 for its internet services, a number which takes into account internet speeds, the number of internet users in the country and the number of residents with computers. In the 2010 assessment, Vietnam earned a total 3.61.

However, other Southeast Asian nations have also improved internet quality since then, with Thailand jumping up a full 18 places, while the Philippines moved up seven spots and Cambodia climbed a single notch above its 2010 ranking.

Despite the small success of Southeast Asia's improved internet, though, 17 Asia-Pacific nations were still among the world's 100 worst. South Korea held strong at the top of the list, scoring an 8.93 for its all-encompassing internet service, while the African nation of Chad came in dead last.

Earlier this year, content delivery network Akamai's annual State of the Internet report put Vietnam in the 99th position worldwide for its internet speeds.

Still, there is good reason to believe that the country's internet services will continue to improve. For starters, Vietnam's mobile internet is among the slowest in the world, however this may begin to change for the better with the recent introduction of 4G services in Vietnam.

In the meantime, we'll all watch the spinning rainbow wheel of doom. As with all internet-related woes, it's best to just blame the shark.

[Photo via CNN]

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