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Taking a Look at the Cuisine in Qui: Cuisine & Mixology

Qui needs no introduction. As a preferred watering hole for Saigoneers, its Friday and Saturday night queues often snake across much of its generous frontage and show no signs of abating as the night wears on.


Day of the Dead: the Perfect Time to Party in Vietnam

Alters strewn with bright marigold flowers and photos of loved ones, families dressed in fancy costumes with faces painted to resemble skeletons walking through streets decorated with bright papel picados and graveyards filled with music and humorous poem recitations: Día de Muertos, or Day of the Dead, is one of Mexico’s largest holidays. This year, Jose Cuervo is sponsoring numerous events to bring the celebration to Vietnam.


Defining “Vietnamese Fusion” at Eleven

A thick plume of wood-succulent smoke engulfs the table as the server removes the lid from a clay pot of hot stone beef. Ensconced in the earthy aroma, the tender slices of marinated steak wrapped around forest vegetables acquire subtle flame and charcoal notes.


From Ciao to Xin Chao: An Italian Gastronomic Experience with a Touch of Phu Quoc at Casa Italiana Restaurant

Because the waters surrounding Phu Quoc teem with exotic life, many visitors to the island look forward to indulging in a vast array of seafood.


Novotel Blends Work and Pleasure with Sun and Sand on Phu Quoc

As the sun drifts down towards the horizon streaking clouds with a dazzling dappling of pink, purple, orange and red, the pristine beach is a frenzy of activity.


Pasteur Street Brewing Company Tells Its Story Through Art

There is no shortage of colorful walls in Saigon. Countless photo essay and Instagram posts have depicted these facades, some weather-worn and beaten, others freshly painted or covered in murals illustrating everything from climate change to the importance of conserving rhinos.


East West Brewing Changes the Saigon Brunch Game with Kegs N Eggs

When Chef Matt Venzke was growing up near downtown Los Angeles, his mom would often take him to a neighborhood café on her way to work. “She was a nurse director, and when she threw me into this little café the first thing that popped into my head was chilaquiles,” Venzke tells Saigoneer in the kitchen of East West Brewing.


From Cans to Collaboration: How Winking Seal Beer Co. Sets Itself Apart

Saigon slips away in the rearview mirror and streetside stores become increasingly humble as we approach a vast industrial park in Long An Province. Tucked between light industrial factories that manufacture everything from eyeglasses to essential oils, the impressive Winking Seal Beer Co. brewery is in full swing. The facility is a creative playground where the team concocts new recipes, collaborates with local partners and cans a wide variety of styles.


Same as it Never Was: Di Mai Offers an Old Saigon Vibe and Modern Takes on Classic Dishes

Like a bundle of bamboo rising out of a patch of grass, Landmark 81 towers triumphantly above Saigon’s skyline.


Saigon’s Modernist Apartment Units Get Sleek Makeovers

Through a dark alley off Pasteur Street, a set of scuffed stairs leads up a cramped corridor, past a restaurant's food-strewn kitchen and through a tight hallway where a deep silence replaces the motorbike horns and city commotion outside.


With Fashion App Phleek as Showcase, Conceptual Studio Aims to Empower Vietnamese Startups

Despite being only 20 years old, when Nghi Dao Kinh took the stage at Vietnam’s Shark Tank, she made an instant impression.


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