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[Photos] D7 Industrial House Opens to Natural Light, Ventilation

While some Saigon abodes may opt for an elaborate chandelier or painting as their interior centerpiece, the owner of this house in District 7 decided to make its door the most unique part of the structure.

The 236-square-meter home, designed by Saigon-based firm MM++ architects, may appear like a run-of-the-mill Saigon tube house from afar, but upon closer inspection, the front of the house features a prominent two-story multi-directional door.

As shown in the photos below, the wooden entrance can be opened in two ways: folded up like a garage door, or sideways like a normal door via a corner panel.

The ceiling of the first floor is high, letting in ample natural light and ventilation, while the inside of the house follows the industrial style: dark metallic details and concrete with wooden accents.

Have a look at this contemporary District 7 house below:

[Photos by Hiroyuki Oki via Zing]

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