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[Photos] Vung Tau in 1970: Bars, Beaches and a Bustling Bazaar

Opposite of Saigon’s metropolitan vibes, Vung Tau in 1970 was a quiet town fit for tourism activities, as shown through these film snapshots by Australian serviceman Barry Connors.

Pristine white beaches, rows of kitschy tourist bars and breezy seaside roads were among the subjects of Connors’ images. Sheltered by a bay, the city’s Bai Sau Beach has always been a choice destination for day-trippers looking to enjoy its languid waves and calm waters. Bai Truoc Beach, however, is rockier, but offers fantastic views of the ocean.

Connors was an avid photographer outside of his day job, with a photo collection of more than 100 shots taken in Vung Tau. Here are 25 standout photos from the Australian’s archive:

[Photos via Flickr user manhhai]

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