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[Photos] The Rustic Charm of 1990s Vietnam

We could wax lyrical all day about the changes Vietnam has seen since the 1990s. In the past two decades, the country's buildings have gotten taller, its tourist destinations more crowded, its urban streets more congested and its population significantly more connected to the worldwide web.

But despite all these changes, many features in the photos below remain recognizable. The images were captured by photographer Doi Kuro throughout the 1990s and preserved by Flickr master manhhai. Young children walk to school near Mui Ne, backpacks about the same size as their little bodies; roadside diners crouch over low tables beside the street in Hoi An; and the bountiful produce of Da Lat sits on display in the town's famous market. While these smaller cities have seen drastic changes to their infrastructure and urban landscapes, the distance between modern-day Vietnam and the mid-1990s doesn't seem so far. 

Take a look at 1990s Vietnam below:

A Catholic church in Hue, 1990.

Left: Nha Trang Beach in the evening, 1990. Right: A street vendor in Hoi An, 1999.

A vegetable market in Da Lat, 1996.

Left: a neighborhood in Da Lat, 1990. Right: New Year in Da Lat, 1990.

Monks collect alms in Da Lat, 1996.

Left: a street stall in Da Lat, 1990. Right: a grandmother and grandkids in Da Lat, 1990.

Children walk to school in Ham Tan, 1998.

[Photos via Flickr user manhhai]

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