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[Photos] Ambulance, Tractor, Hearse: A Compilation of Vietnam's Football Shenanigans

It is a nationally known fact that after every big football win, Vietnam's road network will be flooded with flown flags, vigorous chants, and random objects blaring odd noises.

People across Vietnam are still coming from an ecstatic high because of the recent U-23 national football team's shocking victory against Qatar on January 24, which made history as the first time the team has ever advanced to the AFC U-23 Cup final.

Companies and government bodies were quick to join in on the celebration – companies are granting their employees trips to China to watch the final, and the Chinese Embassy in Vietnam even agreed to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs' request to expedite the procedure for flights from Vietnam to China.

Yet, the most exciting spectacles took place on the streets. People found ways to celebrate, by all available means, literally. This meme-worthy extravaganza, so amazingly inappropriate and unusual, excellently conveyed the unified emotion of people. Many internet savvy fans were quick to capture the glorious moments and compiled them in a Facebook thread. Take a look at them below:

Let's hope no one had a heart attack during the celebration.

It's like "just married" wedding tin cans, but cheaper.

A tractor doubles as parade float in Da Lat.

Pretty much any vehicle that moves can be used as a parade float, from steamrollers...

To concrete mixers.

Vietnam's football victory can excite even the dead and the aspiring-to-be-dead.

Let's grab the first flag we can get our hands on and hope nobody notices they're funeral paraphernalia.

[Photos via Facebook page Trang AUTO]

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