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[Video] Fly Across the Length of Vietnam in Filmmaker Thang Soi's Latest Short Film

Thang Soi’s short film Vietnam - Dream of Unity (Non Song Mot Dai) opens with a panoramic view of nacreous clouds reflected atop an idyllic expanse of flooded rice fields.

The clip continues with awe-inspiring aerial shots of cloud-shawled karsk mountains, wave-ravished coasts, flocks of domestic ducks and colorful floating markets set to music by the Maius Philharmonic Orchestra. As buoyant flute notes transition to guitar riffs, the scenes move from lush rivers to construction sites, traffic-tangled intersections and looming skyscrapers.

Vietnam Dream of Unity is a collaboration between the Vietnamese videographer and his long time friend, Luu Quang Minh who is the Orchestra’s conductor. It borrows segments from Thang’s previous films Vietnam - an Aerial Concert and Vietnam from Above. The film has been two years in the making, which Thang appreciates since it allowed him to “observe how the motherland in [his] heart is changing day by day,” according to his YouTube page.

Watch Thang Soi's breathtaking short clip below:

[Video via Vimeo user Thắng Sói]

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