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Vietnam is Samuel L. Jackson's Favorite Country for Filming

Recently, legendary actor Samuel L. Jackson – star of the upcoming film Kong: Skull Island – took a little time out of his busy schedule fighting snakes and brewing beer to profess his love for Vietnam.

The actor recently sat down with Southeast Asia Globe writer Angela Dawson and gushed about his time in Vietnam, going so far as to name it his favorite country in which to film. Jackson, known for roles in such movies as Pulp Fiction, The Avengers, The Hateful Eight and Coach Carter, was in the country last year while filming Kong: Skull Island, the latest installment of the King Kong franchise.

"It's a very interesting place, a very cool place, a very mysterious place...It's a fascinating place to be – very spiritual," he told the Globe. "Even if you don't believe in certain things, you feel things when you're there. You kind of see them, and you watch the people."

The production of Skull Island brought Jackson and other Hollywood heavy-hitters such as Brie Larson, Tom Hiddleston and John Goodman to Trang An, Tam Coc, Ha Long Bay and the entrance of the Tu Lan cave system during their time in Vietnam. The film, set for release next month, will feature heavy doses of the country's natural scenery.

The actor also recalled his daily routine when heading to set everyday: "It's a country that's supposed to be backwards, but it's not. It's really awesome. In the morning, when I was going to work at, like, 5am, I'd see 600 kids on bicycles going to school in their uniforms or walking on the road and going to school, and getting it done," he told the Globe.

He went on: "You pass by them, or you get out there and you look at the adults in the rice paddies, people bent over in the rice paddies doing what they do. You get to the villages or the homes...they're all communal and they're all working together and they're all taking care of each other. The old people are respected, so it's kind of great."

Kong: Skull Island will be released locally on March 10. Have a look at the movie's trailer below:

Video via YouTube user KinoCheck International.

[Photo via Evening Standard]

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