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Event: PechaKucha Returns on August 15th

PechaKucha is exactly the kind of event Saigon needs - a place for forward thinkers to meet other like-minded indiviguals, share expierences and network.


New Online Services are Changing the Face of Tourism

Over the last decade, the tourism industry has been learning how to better leverage the internet to provide unique services for customers. First came online reviews and bookings, allowing us to gather information and search for the best available deals. Recently, a number of websites have taken things a step further, throwing traditional models by the wayside, instead relying on locals to guide tours. This not only allows for a more personal experience but ensures that profits go directly to your guide instead of a large company. One such site is which just recently launched and offers tours across SE Asia.


Creative Shakes - Where Art Comes to Life

Who defines art? Who can make art? Who is an artist? These questions have been explored, dealt with and talked about by artists and critics since the beginning of the 20th Century. The perception and relevance of the figure of the artist has also evolved over the centuries: it spans from the pre-Renaissance vision of a medium between God and the mere mortals, to the Andy Warhol “commercial-popular artist” and anything else that comes in between.


Casinos in Vietnam: Boom or Bust?

As Vietnam continues to hand out investment licenses for massive casino projects, some wonder whether they will help boost tax revenues as the government hopes or become development albatrosses, sitting empty like a Pyongyang 5-star hotel.


The Saigonese

When it comes to the city’s moniker, the people here prefer ‘Saigon’ to ‘Ho Chi Minh City’ since ‘Saigon’ evokes greater emotion and connection to the city’s history. As an introduction, may I take the liberty of quoting researcher and Professor Nguyen Dinh Dau’s statement that if there were no Saigon, the innovative and integrated Vietnam we know today wouldn’t exist.


Insane Timelapse of Saigon Traffic

This insane time lapse video, created by Rob Whitworth, is a culmination of 10,000 RAW images and multiple shoots and perfectly captures the energy and spirit of our fair city.

The film won Best Experimental Film at Tiburon International Film Festival 2012 Official selection at: DisOrient Asian American Film Festival of Oregon 2012, Mudfest 2012 and ANIMAYO 2012.


Video: A Little Vietnamese Hip Hop For Your Thursday Morning

Check out this dope cut, Resurrection Cypher Pt.1, from DC, YunoSk, V-Soul, BlackMurder and Pain.

The flow is definitely there but our Vietnamese isn't quite good enough to catch the lyrics. If anyone wants to provide a translation, feel free! 


Event: Pow Annual Graffiti Competion this Sunday

Sunday, 4th August 2013

8:00 - 21:00

Saigon Outcast | 188/1 Nguyễn Văn Hưởng, Thảo Điền, Quận 2

It has been 6 years since party Reborn, the last Graffiti battle at Saigon. Since then, Graffiti Saigon has been going strong but the competition amongst writers and groups has ceased. Graffiti, at its root, is a competitive art, it is beautiful only when there are fighting and battle by which writers can express their strong personality, their unique character in their graffiti pieces.

In order to revive the competition amongst the writers and to refresh the graffiti picture at Saigon, The Saigon Projects is proudly present the First annual contest "POW". This will play as a major playground for young writers in Saigon and nearby cities.

“POW” is the first annual graffiti competition in Saigon and Vietnam as well. The objective of the project is to draw a clearer picture of graffiti scene here, to know what is going on, who is writing and how they are writing.

Therefore we hope that “POW” will be an opportunity for writers so that they can meet, compete and have fun together from which they will know more about their skills, their styles or even tags. Besides, we will bring some local DJs, Rapper, Dancers to make it more engaging and exciting. 


8am - 10am : Start 1st Elimination round (16 writers). Djs will play during the event (Jase, Jin, Demon Slayer,..)

11am - 1pm : 2nd Elimination round (16 writers). Sketch battle.

1pm - 2pm : Break-time

2pm - 4pm : Final round for 8 writers who win Elimination round

4pm - 6pm : Tag - Throw up round. Live music (RapSoul, Dat Maniac, Tofu,…)

6pm – 7pm : Djs (Jase, Demon Slayer, Jin ...). Prepare for announcement

7pm : Winner announcement


Brought to you by The Saigon Projects and Saigon Outcast 

Why You Should go to Future Shorts Tonight

Don's miss out on Future Shorts, tonight at Decibel. Our Arts & Culture contributer, Zelda Rudzitsky, caught the first showing last weekend at Snap Cafe. Here's what she though of this month's lineup:  


Old Songs and Album Covers from Vietnam's Musical 'Golden Era'

Vietnamese pop music in the 60s and 70s was awesome. Inspired by folk, country and rock & roll, scores of local singers created their own, Vietnamese take on these genres with fantastic results.

While obvious events ended this era of Western-influenced music, many albums are still around and can bring us back the the era when Vietnamese pop music was...good!


Silk Painting Exhibition at Phương My

From the organizer:

‘PAEONIA DREAM: LE HOANG BICH PHUONG’ is the inaugural exhibition launching ‘San Art Productions x Phuong My’ in Ho Chi Minh City – connecting the local cultural community through fashion and contemporary art.


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