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[Photos] Saigon Couple Becomes 'Inmates for Life' in Prison-Themed Wedding Photos

Marriage is sometimes compared to being handcuffed for a lifetime and one Saigon couple has taken the metaphor literal in their wedding photos.

Recently, a wedding album with a rather unique title, “Life Sentence,” has become the talk on social media. Set in a cabbage garden amid the woods of Da Lat, the recently wed bride and groom, dressed in prison uniforms, tell a story of how two inmates fell in love while in a correctional facility and decided to run away together.

According to Thanh and Dan, they were shocked to discover the amount of attention their nuptial photo album has gained. Dan shared with Thanh Nien that the photo collection was taken in November 2018 and they only got married a few days ago.

"The idea came spontaneously. We [the couple] are both 'crazy' and 'daring,' so while discussing the album ideas, [we] decided to do something unique to remember forever," she added. "When he joked 'marrying you is like going to jail,' I nodded and said 'Well then we should do a 'Life Sentence' photo set."

Finding the props wasn't a piece of cake for Thanh and Dan, considering the shoot's theme. Prison uniforms aren't sold in public, so they had to buy their own fabric and got the costumes custom-made. Apart from the prison theme, they also did a set of cross-dressing photos and a set of photos in normal formal wear.

Apart from the positive comments that the couple has received online, there has been some backlash from people who think the concept is a bit strange and offensive. Regarding the mixed feedback from the internet, the couple told the news source that they don't care since this was their way of celebrating love. 

“This is our marriage," they said. "We live for ourselves and not to please everyone else. Besides, we have another wedding album that is more ordinary and traditional that was shot before this. This album is more like a laugh and a reminder of the good time that we had.”

Thanh and Dan from Saigon took the old adage "marriage is a life sentence" almost too literally.

It's fair to say that they are a quirky pair.

They also did a normal wedding shoot at a tea plantation.

[Photos via Thanh Nien]

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